Casual Meeting

Lucy has been very helpful and professional in assisting me with getting my new business accounts up and running, and in line with all of the necessary legal procedures - she's done so much already within the space of a few months to keep my business and personal finances and self-assessments on the straight and narrow! I'm very grateful for her help! Also, I got a free cake - always a great way to sweeten the deal!

Book-keeping Client

Lucy is always approachable and easy to chat to.  Quick to answer any questions put to her as best she can.

Accounting Client

Her patience, smile, positivity, and calm nature always make me feel comfortable.

Business Client

Lucy always makes time to help, even when she is clearly very busy. She is always friendly & approachable.

Client Testimonial

Lucy is hardworking and strives for perfection in everything she does.

Google Review

Lucy is diligent and detail oriented and shows strong tenacity when completing challenging tasks.

Accountancy Client

Lucy is very passionate about accounting, whilst being dependable, competent and focused.

Book-keeping Client

Lucy is a hard working professional, who always strives to ensure she supports clients with quick responses and correct information. Over the last few months I have started to work closer with Lucy and have seen both her knowledge and passion for her sector shine through. Lucy’s friendly attitude makes her approachable and someone others would like to work with.

Like what you are seeing?

If you on-board with us this month, we will plant a tree on your behalf. To see how many trees we have planted so far, just scroll down to the next section.

What will we discuss in the discovery call? 

This is our opportunity to learn about your business and how we can best serve you. This could be through basic compliance services to keep HMRC happy all the way to monthly management accounts. We can explore if we are a good fit for one another and I will suggest packages and pricing to best suit your specific needs and your budget. 

Our Integrity

Integrity is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in being different from other accountants by showing our costs on the face of business. We are so straight-forward and honest that we will tell you if we are not a good match and we would make recommendations for someone better suited to your business. This could be for many reasons e.g. needing a chartered accountant or having more complex issues. We would refer you to our specialist contacts in these circumstances. We will never charge you for anything you have not agreed to and we most certainly do not charge for sending you emails, which I know some firms do. We also do not charge registration fees when you onboard or fees for the software we use for you, this is all already factored into our fixed costs, so you can sit back and relax. 

Doing Our Part

Because we care

As accountants we know there is a lot of paper use out there. We pledge to do our part by helping to plant more trees to help our planet. See below the accumulated amount of trees we have planted so far. This April, for every new client we onboard, a tree will be planted.