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About Us

Our Journey to where we are today

Hi I'm Lucy, the owner of Isle Book-keep. When we began our journey, we started out as a small book-keeping company on the Isle of Wight serving local clients. We specialise in helping small business owners free up their time by outsourcing their book-keeping and accountancy work, giving them the freedom to do the things that are really important in their business.

I am on a mission to make Accountancy more modern. Anything from paperless systems, to the latest apps or software that can turn the headache into an organised system! We know as a small business owner that things aren't always simple, but with our simple techniques we can make things clearer again.

I am a Quickbooks Pro Certified Advisor and also work with Xero and Sage. 

Are you preparing for your tax return with 9 months to save for the bill? If not, then lets get you onto the right path. No more missed deadlines or last minute panic.

'I cannot recommend Isle Book-Keep enough. Lucy has been so helpful, and got me sorted when my accounts were in such a mess! She explained everything to me, and has just made the entire process so easy. As a small business owner, having someone like Lucy helping me is exactly what you need!'

- Fiona Jones Coaching

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How our services are expanding

We provide Book-keeping and Accounting services all across the UK. Our range varies from Book-keeping and compliance services, all the way to cash flow forecasts and management accounts. This ensures that your deadlines for VAT, Self Assessment, Corporation Tax and many more are met along with your business meetings it's goals and feeling in control again.

We understand that some of our clients will want more than just complying to the deadlines HMRC sets. That is why we have extended our range to include things such as monthly Cash Flow forecasts, Company Formations, the latest software training and monthly Management Accounts.


Modernise the way you do things

We help people turn their businesses from 'paper-mess' into 'paperless'. What if you didn't have to print every single invoice that came in? And you didn't have to keep 7 years worth of paperwork clogging up your business area. Instead, what if it was all online and simply hassle free. This is both ethical because of the environmental impact and gives you peace of mind that everything is in hand and easy to access. 

If your office is too cluttered or you are just fed up of having to keep every single receipt to take to home with you and put in your 'folder' then you may want to try some more modern technology where you simply snap a photo and recycle the receipt there and then. 

If you would like some help implimenting these processes in your business or just want a simpler way, please feel free to contact us and we will help you with a sustainable way forward.